10,000 Feared Dead After Super Typhoon Haiyan Devastates The Philippines [Video/Pics]

10,000 Feared Dead After Super Typhoon Haiyan Devastates The Philippines [Video/Pics]

By Saturday night, as the storm churned toward Vietnam, rescue workers desperately tried to reach the hardest-hit areas as many relatives in the United States tried in vain to reach their loved ones and friends back home.

The sustained winds of 147 mph — with gusts about 30 mph higher — were “like a 747 flying just above my roof,” said Jim Pe, vice mayor of the town of Coron on Basuanga.


A Filipino store owner aims a pistol to warn away looters trying to enter his store in the typhoon-devastated city of Tacloban, Leyte province, Philippines, on November 10


Obamacare Down – Developers Tell All


Obamacare Down – Developers Tell All

Crammed into conference rooms with pizza for dinner, some programmers building the Obama administration’s showcase health insurance website were growing increasingly stressed. Some worked past 10 p.m., energy drinks in hand. Others rewrote computer code over and over to meet what they considered last-minute requests for changes from the government or other contractors.


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Officials Demand Airbnb.com Reveal Names of New Yorkers Renting Rooms

Officials Demand Airbnb.com Reveal Names of New Yorkers Subletting Rooms

Website Services:


  • Website allows users to sublet their spare rooms to strangers
  • Rooms in New York can be as little as $35 compared to $275 hotel room
  • But officials claim the service is illegal, undermines the hotel industry and endangers visitors

A message sent to websites like Airbnb.com was sent today. Airbnb.com have evolved tourism. The website allows travellers to stay with natives/locals in cities around the world instead of paying costly hotels. 

Instead of embracing the estimated 600 million in gained revenue the New York City official are now cracking down on short-term sub-letting, saying that short term sub letting is illegal + undermines the hotel industry and is not safe for visitors.

Airbnb has been ordered to turn over data on its users in New York to the state’s attorney general, who is investigating the possibility that residents might be breaking a law which bans sublets lasting fewer than 30 days.

It seems anything that keeps us from joining hands and coming together is ridiculed and perverted. The website could also act as a supplement to people facing foreclosure.

Exchange Websites As Parties In Hearing Trade Blame Over Obamacare Sign-Up Missteps

Obama Care Hits Another Hardship – Will It Be Dropped

Obama Care Hits Another Hardship – Will It Be Dropped


As if the technological problems facing Obamacare was not enough, a supposed  “legal glitch” may cause the healthcare law to unravel in up to 36 states. As the LA Times reports, The Affordable Care Act proposes to make health insurance affordable to millions of low-income Americans by offering them tax credits to help cover the cost. To receive the credit, the law twice says they must buy insurance “through an exchange established by the state.” But 36 states have decided against opening exchanges for now. Critics of the law have seized on the glitch. They have filed four lawsuits that urge judges to rule the Obama administration must abide by the strict wording of the law, even if doing so dismantles it in nearly two-thirds of the states. And the Obama administration has no hope of repairing the glitch by legislation as long as the Republicans control the House…“This has the potential to sink Obamacare. It could make the current website problems seem minor by comparison,” noted on policy expert.


Government Shut Down Stopped For A Little

Government Shut Down Stopped For A Little

Wednesday night Congress gave final approval to increase a budget compromise that would reopen federal agencies and allow the Treasury to continue borrowing to pay the nation’s bills for a little bit. Only  averting the possibility of a default that could have seriously damage the economy in just a few months . . .

The question is how much longer will they pump money into the system that will eventually inflate the dollar to nothing . . .

Friday the US dollars borrowing power and credit rating were being questioned. A drop in the US dollars credit rating would mean that the next best currency would become the reserve trading money or a new currency would emerge.

It is time to recognize this for what it is when EVEN the mainstream media is calling this BAD.

WED NIGHT the 285-144 vote in the House followed a huge vote in the Senate on the agreement negotiated by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to end the political standoff that shut down federal programs for almost 17 days and led to the furlough of hundreds of thousands of federal workers.

The deal makes no significant changes in President Obama’s healthcare law, which Republicans, particularly in the House, had previously demanded. Democrats provided the additional votes needed to pass the bill in the Republican-led House.

House Speaker John A. Boehner spoke earlier to his party and said the party lost the battle, but would live to fight another day.


The agreement would extend U.S. borrowing authority until Feb. 7, although the Treasury Department would have tools to temporarily extend its borrowing capacity beyond that date if Congress failed to act early next year.

foostamps Cutoff 2013

Food Stamps Cut Off – Tweets Go Crazy (Pics Included)

A Supposed Power Outage Stops EBT In 17 States . . .

People dependent on food stamps lost access for much of Saturday to the electronic system used by stores to verify their benefits, leaving many unable to buy groceries, the company that manages the system said.

Seems like a pre test to the rumors of Martial Law

Screen shot 2013-10-12 at 8.47.22 PMOn my way to grab some subway this was on the window

foostamps Cutoff 2013

Screen shot 2013-10-12 at 8.47.39 PM


FEMA Test Run – On Homeless

FEMA Test Run – On Homeless

According to MSN in August, the Columbia City Council unanimously approved the plan, creating “special” police patrols that would enforce “quality of life” laws involving loitering, public urination, defecation and other crimes not necessarily restricted to the homeless population.

Special Patrols then give them a choice: Go to jail for their homelessness or be shuffled to a 240-bed, 24-hour shelter just outside of town, which they would not be easy to leave.


If they want to leave the camp, First, they must get permission, set up an appointment and be shuttled by a transport van. A patrolman will guard the road leading in to make sure homeless don’t wander off downtown.  Ex-prisoners will be shuttled there unless someone picks them up from the county jail. No foot traffic allowed – only shuttle van arrival.  The plan is a city plan and not a federal government plan. In September Columbia, South Carolina decided to rescind its controversial decision to criminalize homelessness after facing major backlash from police, city workers and advocates.

What do you think ? ? ?


Gov’t Shutdown 2013

Gov’t Shutdown 2013

Day 2 of the government shutdown & I’m feeling this is all for show . . .

I mean the egos involved that are keeping the agreements from happening are real but it is obvious that these factions have many of the same goals in mind.

From the outside looking in, It seems like a bitter civil rivalry between people that do not agree with the budget & Obamacare

At this time, Obama is able to persuade the public that it has been the Republicans fault that caused the shutdown. However, even after we are all paying into the universal health care & the budget is out-of-wack AND the Federal Reserve keeps printing money where are we as a nation? Does morale feel good? Do we have that attitude of the old American Dream to do better for ourselves, society thus helping the next man down the line?

The answer is no . . . With the huge social rivalry instilled into the public it is more apparent then ever that this dream is not the same. It seems that people just want money to feel better than the next person instead of improving your own life and goals whatever that be. With the stress of the average worker paying more taxes their feeling is that they are paying for the welfare and unemployment. The truth is yes . . . maybe you are but the sickness goes much deeper . . .


If we look at our nations time line, you will have the same 2 party system . . . Doing the same things, blaming the same parties, involved in the same wars. I think we are all wanting something different as this clamp ties us down so tight we cannot move anymore. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe people are so asleep to the issues, they can be told to jump and they ask, how high?
We will still be awake to the fact that things just don’t feel that good. We turn on the mainstream TV, FOX, CNBC, CNN & more telling us that the recovery is happening at the housing boom is on it’s way again. But to the people in tune with this betrayal are hip to the fact that the dollar is losing it’s purchasing power, when we go into our bank accounts we all notice it. I think this can speak for itself.

Bernanke Keeps Stimulas Going & Going – Sep 18, 2013

Unless you have been living under a rock the past 5 years than you know since The Economic Crash in 2008, The United States has been under a stimulus keeping interest rates low. . .

The huge crash of this stimulus has been anticipated by preppers, truthers, conspiracy theorist, constitutionalist & just about everyone aware of this dire solution to economic troubles.


This morning Chairman of The United States Federal Reserve Bank announced they would not be stopping this stimulus, In fact I am not sure what “QE” this was. Also known as “quantitive easing”.

Like I heard a TV Personality say this morning on Bloomberg, we are just climbing up the diving board even further . . .

When will plungebegin? One thing is for sure, Even mainstream media is considering gold a must alternative . . .

During my daily watch on Bloomberg they seemed very aware of the “gold security”.

The reasons given for the continuation for of the stimulus follows

  • Higher mortgage rates (is this housing recovery real?) Rate on 30 year house fixed-rate mortgage is still at 4%
  • Unemployment is still too high

Let’s not forget the famous roast Ron Paul put on Bernanke